If I use the cream what do I need the serum for?

If I use the cream what do I need the serum for?

Your skin needs both the cream and the serum to get the result you want. Why?

Because they have different functions. The first substantial visible difference is theirs

consistency: the cream is more full-bodied because it is made up of an emulsion of active ingredients, oils and water, while the

serum is characterized by a liquid or gel texture, the formulation of which is composed of a solution watery. The second difference, therefore, concerns the formulation, as certain substances there they work better with the consequence of enriching the serums with active ingredients, vitamins, amino acids, acids, than in creamy emulsions cannot have the same quantity.

The active substances contained in the serum are able to penetrate deeply into the epidermis, enhancing the effect of subsequent treatments. The cream nourishes and invigorates the fatty part of the cells by acting on the outer membranes.

In short, the cream is essential for moisturizing, nourishing and firming the skin.

The serum should be applied before the cream, in order to ensure hydration and protection of the skin itself. Cream and serum act synergistically, the use of both enhances their effect.

How to use them?

The serum should be applied in the morning, after cleansing the face and followed by the cream.

At certain times of the year, such as in winter, our skin is subjected to particular stress and action moisturizing cream does not guarantee complete protection for the skin. In that case the combination of serum applied before the cream is a real cure-all because it helps restore nutrition to the epidermis, vitamins and antioxidants.

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